Tamal Oaxaca

Wrapped in a banana leaf!  Covered with fresh Wisconsin Melted cheese, served with sour cream and pico  de gallo.

History of Tamales

Tamale is derived from the word tamalii from the Nahuatl language spoken by the Aztecs. The word means “wrapped food”. No one knows for sure when or who invented the tamale, but we do know tamales have been written about since pre-Columbian days. In the 1550’s, the Aztecs served the Spaniards tamales during their visits to Mexico. Tamales were also eaten by soldiers on their lengthly sojourns since tamales are easily portable and heatable.

The tamales of old came in all shapes and sizes. There were meat, seafood, vegetable, nut and fruit tamales. Some were filled with the corn dough masa we use today and some were not. Crushed rice or beans could be used instead of the masa or the tamale could contain no masa at all. Tamales could be wrapped in corn husks, banana leaves, avocado leaves, other non-toxic leaves, or even paper or bark. Tamales were steamed, grilled, roasted, boiled or even fried. There was quite a variety.


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