Flautas:  Three flute shaped tacos filled with you choice of shredded chicken or beef.  Garnished with sour cream, salad, Guacamole, rice and beans.

The term is derived from the Spanish word for flute, and flautas do look rather like flutes. In some cases, flautas may appear on a menu with names like flauta con pollo, indicating that the flauta is made with chicken, or flautas de Guadalajara, meaning flautas in the style of Guadalajara. These more detailed names can provide clues as to how the flauta may taste. In cases where the flauta’s contents are not detailed, asking restaurant staff about it is an excellent idea, so that you are not surprised by what you get.

The base of a flauta is a tortilla, which can be small or burrito sized, depending on the inclination of the cook. Fresh tortillas are preferable, since they are more flexible and flavorful. Some people distinguish between flautas and taquitos, a similar dish, claiming that flautas are made from flour tortillas and taquitos are made from corn tortillas. However, the terms are often used interchangeably, and some people believe that taquito is a term coined in California, rather than a true Mexican Spanish word.

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